We are a GSA Certified Locksmith

The U.S. government only entrusts a select group of GSA certified locksmiths with the security of its various offices and agencies. We are proud to have been chosen as one of these companies. In order to be named a GSA-approved locksmith, technicians must pass an extensive background check as well as successfully complete a special training course. Such courses cover how to install service GSA-approved container locks like the latest FF-L-2740, FF-L-2937, and FF-L-2890 locks.

GSA Certified Locksmith El Paso TX

GSA Security Services

Our GSA services include: Sales, service, opening, neutralization and repair of GSA file cabinet type containers 1, 2, 4 and 5 drawer as well as weapons containers, armory vaults, map and plan and IPS type containers. We also provide inspection and re-certification services for all GSA containers.

We’re certified in KABA-MAS X10, X09, X08, X07,  S&G 2937, S&G 2740, LKM7000 and many more. All work is performed by a Certified Professional Safe Technician, GSA Security Container and Vault Inspector, and our GSA Safe opening service is in compliance with Federal Standard 809b.

Our El Paso lock shop has not only met or exceeded all of the government’s requirements, but we have a myriad of excellent reviews from our satisfied customers. We can assist with all of your security needs, from fire safes to elaborate monitoring systems.

To learn more about keeping your business and home safe and secure by hiring a GSA-approved locksmith, call us today at (915) 821-3212.

gsa vault opening el paso tx
Rick Milliorn drilling a GSA vault door

GSA Approved Locksmith Services we provide:

Certified in KABA-MAS

  • X10
  • X-09
  • X-08
  • X-07

Certified in S&G 2937

  • 2740
  • LKM7000
  • Certified Professional Safe Technician
  • GSA Security Container and Vault Inspector
  • All GSA Safe Opening is in Compliance with Federal Standard 809B.

We offer 24/7 emergency locksmith and security service because we understand that security issues don’t just happen when it’s convenient.

Your safety and security is our number one priority.